D 194 Emy a ISBN:08621023

Subjects:Akuntansi sistem penerimaan kas

    Analisis sistem penerimaan kas dari penjualan tunai pada toko alaydrus's souvenir samarinda --

    Emy Sulistyawati / / /
    Samarinda 2011
    67 hlm Bahasa:idn

    Based on data that gor from shop of alaydru’s souvenir samarinda author can use trubleshoot that is what applications cash inflow system of cash sale guides with internal control sytem (SPI). Task writing aim ends this analyzer that used elements internal control sytem (SPI), follow AICPA (American Istitute of Certified Public Accountant) Elements Internal Control Sytem (SPI) exist in sale of shop alaydrus’s souvenir samarinda not yet thoroughly applied by company because still found several weakness.