AK 099 JUL s ISBN:10621129

Subjects:Akuntansi Macro Microsoft Excel

    Sistem informasi database dengan menggunakan macro microsoft excel pada koperasi terpadu serba usha gemilang. --

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    Samarinda 2013
    78 hlm Bahasa:idn

    The purpose of the report is not only to fulfill the recruitment to accomplish of “ahli madya” but also to know, how to design and make application by Microsoft axcel in processing of the transcation of the administrative and payment contribution. Microsoft excel is part of Microsoft office software. This is a development environment used to create computer database for the Microsoft windows family of operating systems. It provides users with one the simplest and most flexible relational database management system solutions on the market. “serba Usaha Gemilang” cooperative was estabilished in 2003 years, tp take place in jl. Cipto mangunkusumo gang kubur RT.07 No 36 Kelurahan simpang tiga loa janan ilir samarinda. It is a cooperative service provider.