TA/D.289 LAP DAY a 2012 ISBN:09 621 048


    Analisis selisih biaya produksi menggunakan biaya standar sebagai alat pengendali biaya produksi pada UD instan bakery Samarinda --

    Dayanti Asmiah / / /
    Samarinda 2012
    xiii ;76 h ; tabel Bahasa:Ind

    Asmiah, Dayanti. 2012 'The analisys of bread Difference Production Cost at UD. Instan Bakery in April 2012'. under guidance Mr. Amiruddin, SE., MM as the first advisor and Mr Chottam, SE, MSi as the secon advisor. This research was done to know what was the reason of bread differnce production cost at UD. Instant Bakery in April 2012, besode that it could be used as information or receipt thing for management in determining company wosdom in next future.