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    Galih Muhammad Aziz / / /
    POLNES Samarinda 2018
    v;70 hlm.;15x22 cm.;ilus.;CD Bahasa:Ind

    Galih Muhammad Aziz, 2018. Damage studies of oil pump engine C6.4
    Caterpillar, under guidance Abdul Halim, ST., MT dan Ir. Abdul Muis, MT. Final
    Report. heavy equipment engineering. oil pump is one of the lubrication system
    component. oil work to lubricates, cleanses, cools, and Protects the motion of the
    engine component from wear and tear in order to maintain the life and durability of
    engine components according to their usage efficiency.
    Some of the frequent damage to engine components is caused by insufficient
    lubrication. The purpose of which the author wishes to achieve in this Final Report is to
    analyse the failure of oil pump function and lubrication function in the engine, to give
    explanation about how to care for oil pump, and determine the root of the problem of
    damage and conclude how to repair the damage.
    Some things that happen in the field, the Lubricating oil has not been replaced for
    a long time, lubricating oil is dirt, oil pump is damaged, oil filter clogged, The Oil
    Pressure suddenly dropped and could not rise again, engine heat fast, lubrication is not
    perfect. Problems of the lubrication system must be prevented as early as possible so as
    to avoid damage to other component in the engine system. The results of the damage
    study were obtained based on visual inspection found that the oil pump components and
    after the pump gear measurement, oil pump housing, driven gear, drive gear should be
    Keywords : Oil Pump, Measurement, Visual Inspection, SIS Cat